Jadi ceritanya di Twitter gue ada uang bilang Omegle-omegle gitu, dan hormon “kepo: gue pun muncul, maka gue bukalah. Eh ternyata chat sama stranger gitu 😛

nah gue mau ngasih tau obrolan gue sama bule asal Denmark ini 😀

Stranger: dont ask asl

Stranger: hi 😀

You: w r u from?

Stranger: denmark

Stranger: u?

You: asia

You: f or m?

Stranger: f

You: same here

Stranger: u are the first girl i´ve met inhere

You: really?

Stranger: yeah!

Stranger: it´s all dudes who wants to talk dirty and stuff

You: it is-_-

You: what do you do?

Stranger: i study, you?

You: me 2

Stranger: what u study?

You: r u in university?

Stranger: no you can call it college. but i´m from denmark and hear it´s called gymnasium

Stranger: *here

You: i study english literature

You: 😮

Stranger: sounds nice, i just study language

You: what do u study?

Stranger: english, german and spanish

You: cool

Stranger: i dont know, I dont get a word of german!

You: do u speak english?

Stranger: when?

You: everyday?

Stranger: no danish

You: 😮

Stranger: have you ever heard about denmark? 😀 we are a very little country

You: I have but little bit

You: u know Indonesia?

Stranger: sure

Stranger: so you speak?

You: I speak Indonesian

Stranger: oh woops didn´t know you had that kind a language

Stranger: so whats the religion there?

Stranger: if you are religious

You: most of indonesian are Moslem

You: and I’m 🙂

Stranger: okay thats nice

Stranger: i´m atheist

You: really?

Stranger: yeah

Stranger: but most in denmark are christian

Stranger: and I go to church sometimes but I dont believe

You: oh why?

Stranger: why I dont believe?

You: yes, im asking u why dont u believe there’s God

Stranger: I dont know, I have never had that connection to a god or anything, I dont say that there isn’t something but I dont buy all that jesus is the son of god, and god created the world in 7 days

You: i’m wondering. to whom u send ur prayer?

Stranger: I dont pray

You: I maen, when we feel that nobody’s arround us, we usually pray

You: mean*

Stranger: but I like the christian message and live by it

Stranger: well, sometimes I get that feeling and I might pray, but I dont send it to someone specific

You: do u know abt Islam?

Stranger: huh?

You: oh u dont know? 🙂

Stranger: I know isalm

Stranger: *islam

Stranger: it´s like one of the worlds biggest religions 🙂

You: actually, christian is the biggest

Stranger: i said one of

You: oh ya sorry 🙂

Stranger: hahah but many christians doesn´t practice their religion

You: in islam, we have to pray 5th a day

Stranger: it´s a lot

Stranger: dont you wanna skip it sometimes?

You: sometimes I skip for some reason

You: but it’s a must

Stranger: I know, but I dont think that belives should be a must

You: we have to do it, if we dont we’ll get a punishment

Stranger: like a real one, or in your belief?

You: it’s a rule 🙂

You: I mean the punishment is not in this world

Stranger: oh yeah okay, then I´m following you

You: do u believe there’s a live after we die?

Stranger: no.. I want to, but I dont

You: 😮

Stranger: ?

You: just change the topic

Stranger: haha yeah lets, you have any siblings?

You: 1 lil.sis and lil.bro

You: hbu?

Stranger: oh cuuute!

Stranger: 2 older sisters and a twin bro

Stranger: i have always wanted to be an older sis

You: u have a twin? nice

Stranger: yeah it´s cool

Stranger: his my better half 🙂

You: it is. r u look a like?

Stranger: noo, not at all

Stranger: i have red hair he has brown

Stranger: i have blue eyes he has green

You: wow

Stranger: he has a chubby face i´m all bones

Stranger: but I swear he is my twin 😀

You: I always wanted to have blue or green eyed 😀

Stranger: you have brown?

You: no, black.

Stranger: wow!

Stranger: thats special

You: really? most indonesian have black eyes

You: and we use softlense if we want blue or green eyes

Stranger: here it would be very special, and very beutiful!

You: there are so many differences in this world 😀

Stranger: yeah it´s crazy, but interresting!

You: it’s 😀

You: i guess, u have light skin?

Stranger: yeah, but thats mostely because I have red hair. we are very very light!

Stranger: more than normal light skinned people

You: oh. I have brown skin

You: and it’s getting darker bcs of the sun shine

Stranger: i would love to be brown!

Stranger: I cant get brown 😦

You: just come here and you’ll have ur skin brown in a week. lol

Stranger: hahaha no, because i´ll just get red and burned, i really can´t get a tan

Stranger: would you like to have lighter skin?

You: yes 😀

Stranger: because, I have this friend, she´s tamil, and she thinks it´s pretty to be lighter’

You: I use a body lotion to make my skin lighter

Stranger: it´s funny how light people want to be browner, and brown people wants to be lighter

You: yes, we all want something different 😀

Stranger: offcourse, and something we cant get 😀

You: are u having summer now?

Stranger: naah spring

You: nice

Stranger: the sun is shining but its cold

Stranger: how about you?

You: it’s really hot in the morning and afternoon

You: but sometimes raining at night

Stranger: oh i´m jealous!

You: the degrees is almost 35+ in the afernoon

Stranger: omg thats nice!

Stranger: it´s like 2 degrees here

You: really? i must bet freezed there

You: get*

Stranger: well we are used to it 🙂 my parents are on vacation on cypern right now

Stranger: and thats hot there, so they are tanned when they come home

You: oh nice. why dont u go with them?

Stranger: because I have to go to school 🙂

You: oh ya

You: is snowy there?

Stranger: and it´s nice that they can vacation without their children

Stranger: on cypern??

You: yes. lol :))

You: no. in denmark

You: I always want snow. is it nice?

Stranger: i was, from like november to januar!

Stranger: it´s horrible!

Stranger: dont wish snow

Stranger: its cold and wet and no I hate it

You: how I want to touch snow 😀

Stranger: then you will freeze! its like… very soft and cold, like icecream and it melts right away when you touch it

You: do u take a bath when snow season?

You: I mean, it’ll be so cold

Stranger: no no we bath inside offcourse but the waterpipes wont freeze

You: oow

Stranger: ?

You: is there also a storm when snow falling?

You: im interested in snow season-_-

Stranger: not always, sometimes it just falls like a little rain

Stranger: hahahah well have you never seen snow?

You: no. I see just from the pictures. poor me

Stranger: omg! okay then you would love snow when you see it!

You: what time do u usually go to school?

Stranger: its very pretty even though its cold

Stranger: from 8 to 3

Stranger: and then i work from 3.15- 6

You: where do u work?

Stranger: at out libary

Stranger: *our

You: cool

Stranger: how bout u?

You: 8 to 5. but it changes

Stranger: thats a lot!

You: it bassed on my shcedule

Stranger: yeah offcourse

You: tell me abt ur lecturer 😀

Stranger: what u wanna know? 🙂

You: yes. how u’r in class

Stranger: i´m good. but if you just raise your hand a lot in class you´ll get good grades

You: same with me 😀

Stranger: so it´s quite easy

Stranger: do you have like uniforms?

You: i’m in university, so I dont have

You: hbu?

Stranger: do you have in college or high school?

Stranger: no, and I have been going to a private school, we dont use it in denmark

You: yes, since kindergarden until senior high 🙂

Stranger: I would like to try it, just to see how it is

You: it’s an ordinary tshirt, men use pants, female use skirt, and we use a tie

Stranger: isn´t it nice not to worry about what to wear every day?

You: yes it is. but sometimes we feel bored

Stranger: yeah I see. we have a lot of stero-types here in denmark, you know, punks, goth, emo, pop

You: how do u get ur school?

Stranger: excuse me?

You: how do u go to school?

You: bus, train, or..?

Stranger: oh i ride on my bicyckle, I live like 1 km from my school

Stranger: takes like 5 min

You: i wish i could ride a bike -_-

Stranger: can´t you?

You: my dad always tells me to ride i bike hahha I cant

You: a bike*

Stranger: why not??

You: I just lazy to practice 😀

Stranger: hahaha we learn it when we are like 4

You: hahha actually I did.

Stranger: when you first have learned it, you´ll never forget

Stranger: then you can !

You: oaky i’ll ask my lil.sis to teach me in the weekend 😀

Stranger: hahah awsome

You: what time in denmark now?

Stranger: 6 evening

Stranger: u?

You: 11p.m

Stranger: omg

Stranger: then u must be tired

Stranger: i go to sleep at like 9

You: i cant sleep bcs i slept in this afternoon-_-

Stranger: hahahha big mistake!

You: do u eat bread or potatoes?

Stranger: potatoes

Stranger: i love potatoes!

You: i eat rice everyday 😀

Stranger: really? I never eat rice!

Stranger: what more do you eat?

Stranger: what is typical?

You: we eat meat, chicken etc but rice is a must 🙂

Stranger: i love rice, why dont we ever eat rice… we have potatoes to everything

You: hi, r u on facebook?

Stranger: boiled potatoes, fried potatoes, mushed potatoes, potatoes in the oven,

Stranger: sure

You: i love potatoes too. but we eat it as a snack. french fries 🙂

You: what ur id on facebook?

Stranger: uh thats nice too!

Stranger: simone theilgaard

You: there are many differences betwen us 😀

Stranger: there sure is!

You: i’v added ur id

Stranger: nuri?

You: yes

Stranger: omg I love your name!

You: u know what? in english, nuri means parrot 🙂

Stranger: didn´t know that, it´s cute

You: in arabic nuri means light 🙂

Stranger: sweet, i dont know what mine means 🙂

You: haha my parents told me

Stranger: nice, i know, that simone comes from the name simon wich means the listening

You: cool!!

Stranger: but I never listen I mostlt talk

You: hahah same with me, I like a parrot. mostly talk

You: but I cant sing well

Stranger: me neither

You: i love ur hair 😀

Stranger: oh I hate it! i so regret that i got it short

You: it’ll be getting longer

Stranger: i know, cant wait 😀

Stranger: I cut it because my ex told me it would be pretty

You: I think it’s

You: cute

Stranger: well thanks!

Stranger: oh gotta go, dinner

Stranger: funny to talk to you!

You: ani have to sleep

You: and*

You: bye :d

Stranger: sleep tight

Agak random sih berawal dari Agama, kebudayaan, bentuk fisik, dll.

Tapi gue mengetahui satu hal, kalo kita harus bangga jadi orang Indonesia. Buktinya banyak percakapan uang justru si bule itu envy sama gue :p